Introduction: The personal testimony of James Padgett, with instructions from Jesus on publishing these messages.

Forward: The history and circumstances surrounding the advent of these messages, by Dr. Leslie R. Stone.

Why Padgett?: The Reasons Given by Jesus as to Why He Selected Mr. Padgett To Do the Work of Receiving these Messages

Laws of Rapport and Communication between Mortals and Spirits - by St. John

Copy of an Original Automatic Writing from Jesus: A scanned original automatic writing from Jesus of 'the only prayer that is necessary.'

Transcript of The Prayer: This is the exact transcription of the automatic writing of the prayer. Until now it had not been transcribed and published correctly. 

Volume One: The Second Coming: "I am here, Jesus"

Volume Two: Messages from Jesus of Nazareth

Volume ThreeMessages from John - Apostle of Jesus

More Messages Coming Soon
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