St. John 24


    I am here, St. John;
    I will say only a few words.
    I am John and your guardian angel, and am so thankful that you are again getting into a spiritual condition when we may come and write you of the spiritual truths that we are anxious to communicate. I have been with you a great deal trying to help you and encourage you in your longings for the Father's love and for the development of your soul. Very soon I can see, we will resume our writings and then you will be very happy in the thought that you are again in condition to do the Father's work and to benefit humanity.
    The most ancient spirits -- those who have lived in the spirit world from the entrance of the first spirits therein -- can, if the medium is in the proper or necessary condition of rapport, communicate to mortals. It is a very mistaken belief that the highest spirits do not communicate through mediums, or rather, may not, for these spirits have not lost their interest in the destiny of the human soul. Of course there is much of the work done by spirits for mortals in which these higher spirits take no part, but such work is generally more of a material nature, and, so far as manifestation to mortals is concerned, performed only for the purpose of convincing men that intercommunication between the two worlds is possible and a fact, and that there is the persistence of life. But when the work is of a nature that leads men to a true conception of the vital spiritual truths and the way that leads to the Father, then these high spirits participate in the work.
    Jesus is now the leader of the great effort to establish a kingdom of God in the celestial heavens, and all spirits who have received a portion of the divine essence of the Father, through love, know the work that is being done and the aim thereof and are working to bring about the great consummation of this plan. And here I will say, that in furtherance of this plan, and because you have been selected to work on earth among mortals, yourself a mortal, the highest spirit of the celestial heavens has been and is in communication with you, and the most ancient of all the spirits and first of mankind have written. You must believe this, for every message that you have received from spirits who are working to reveal this plan, forms a link in the great chain of revelation, and to not believe any of these messages and their sources would greatly harm and injure the truth of the whole.
    No matter what you may read as to the opinion of men who are investigating spiritualism and receiving messages from this side of life, do not for a moment doubt that you have received and are receiving these great spiritual truths from those who profess to deliver the same. I will come soon and write you a formal message on this subject.
    Believe that my love is with you and that I am endeavoring to help you in your great work. Pray more and turn your thoughts more to your mission and you will do the work more satisfactorily, and the Father will bless you with a great abundance of his love.
    Goodnight, and trust in what I have written.
    Your brother in Christ, John