Message 45

Jesus Comments On A Holiness Church Padgett Attended

    I am here, Jesus;
    I was with you tonight, and my spirit was in your heart to an extent that made you feel its presence and caused you to suffer somewhat physically, but it was there to tell you that I was present and that my love was helping you to get nearer the Father and His love.
    I know that the people who were worshipping me were not doing what I approve of or like, but their hearts were turned to God, and while they were making me the object of their worship, yet the spirit of God was with them and the workings of the Holy Spirit were in the hearts of very many of them, showing them to the love of the Father and the truth of His salvation.
    They, of course, are mistaken when they talk about being saved by my blood, for my blood has nothing to do with their salvation. But, as they have been taught this, I cannot expect that they will know the real salvation which the Father has provided for them. Sometime they will know that only the divine love of the Father saves from sin and error, and that not any blood of mine or death on the cross can save them. 
    But, notwithstanding this false belief, these people in their prayers actually aspire for the love of God. And He knows the longings of their hearts and sends the Holy Ghost to fill them with this divine love, which makes them become very close to the Father and makes them happy.
    So while, as I say, I don't like the worship of me, yet the truth of God's love enters into their souls and they become at-One with Him to the extent that such love enters their souls. 
    I know that to you with your enlightenment it appears that they are making a great mistake in worshipping me and believing that my blood saves them. Yet you must understand that while they make such mistakes, they are receiving the divine love and that it is working to redeem them from their sins and evil lives. So let not this error in their belief make you think that I am not with them, or rather that the Christ Spirit is not with them, teaching them the way to the love of the Father and to the great happiness which that love brings to them.
    Men are constituted with a mind and a soul, each having its own perceptions and ability to comprehend the truth, and sometimes it happens that the perceptions of the soul will enable them to see and reach out for this love while they may be wholly blind in their mind perceptions, and even these latter perceptions may be in conflict with the operations of the perceptions of the soul.
    I know that the meeting did you great good and opened up your soul to the inflowing of this love and consequently to a renewed faith and trust and renewed love for the Father and belief in me. 
    Let this love in you increase and pray to the Father for more faith in His promises and for a greater inflowing of His love, and very soon you will realize His actual presence in your soul to an extent that will make you know that you are One with Him in love and in the possession of the divine essence that will cause all doubt to leave you and give you a faith in which no doubt will appear. 
    I am glad you went to this meeting tonight, and I hope you will go again, for the influences attending it were helpful to you and were from above. 
    Soon I will write again as I desire, if you will only pray more and trust more. You are thinking right, and I will pray the Father for you. And if you will only persist in your desires and try to act in accordance with our prayers, you will succeed, for the Father will hear your prayers and will help you to the fullest. And in addition, I will be with you and help you with my power and love. So do as I say, and above all have faith in the Father and trust me. 
    I will not write more tonight, but will say that I will be with you during the week and will help you in your spiritual efforts.
    So with all my love, I am- 
    Your friend and brother, Jesus