17. Samuel

I Am Now A Christian

.    Samuel;
    I am the same Samuel whom the woman of Endor called from the spirit world to show Saul his doom, and as I come to you tonight, I came to her at that time; only my purpose is not the same, and I am not the same spirit in my qualifications.
    I am now a Christian and know what the divine love of the Father means, while then I did not and was a spirit living in comparative happiness and existing in the consciousness that I had done my work on earth and was then enjoying the repose of the righteous; for as we understood that word then in both the mortal and spirit worlds, I was a righteous man.
    I come to you tonight because I see that you have been chosen to do the great work of the Master in his efforts to redeem mankind from their lives of error, and to show them the way by which they may partake of the divine nature of the Father and obtain immortality.
    Well, I must stop, but I will come again sometime and tell you of the things that I know in reference to these higher spheres. I will say goodnight. 
    Your friend and brother, Samuel