The New Gospel, Volume 3

Messages from John - Apostle of Jesus

St. John 1:  What Does the Spirit of Man Do When it Leaves the Physical Body for Eternity? V1/293
St. John 2:  Not the Blood of Jesus but the Divine Love Is What Saves and Redeems. Revelation of the Bible Is Not To Be Relied Upon As True In Many Particulars. V2/150
St. John 3:  The Book of Revelations
St. John 4:  (previous message continued) Description of the Third Sphere. Affirmation Jesus Wrote the Prayer. V1/199
St. John 5:  Many Things in the Bible John Says He Never Wrote. John Was Mistaken About the Kind of kingdom That Jesus Came To Establish. V2/247
St. John 6:  John Discloses the Fact That Jesus' Disciples Were Men Without Experience Until The Holy Spirit Came At Pentecost. V4/344
St. John 7:  The Belief In The Efficacy Of The Vicarious Atonement Of Jesus By His Death And Crucifixion By The Churches Has Caused Much Harm To Mankind And The Loss Of The True Way To The Celestial Kingdom. V1/219
St. John 8Jesus Will Never Come In All His Glory And Power And Take Men Into His Heaven, Just As They Are In Body, Soul And SpiritV1/338
St. John 9: What Is The Holy Spirit And How It Works. V2/231
St. John 10:   Divine Love - What It Is What It Is Not - How It Can Be Obtained V2/34
St. John 11:  What Is The Reason That Mortals Will Not Seek The Love Of The Father, Rather Than Endeavor To Believe In The Creeds And Sacraments Of The Church To Which They Belong Or Be Affiliated With? V1/136
St. John 12: The Difference Between The Natural Love And The Divine Love V2/141
St. John 13: Describes The Difference Between The Spirits Of The Celestial And The Spirit Spheres And Their Happiness  V1/155
St. John 14: Divine Love Should Not Be Confounded With The Natural Love V2/94
St. John 15: Refers To The Nominal Christian And The Need Of The Divine Love In The Soul So As To Become A True Christian V1/306
St. John 16:  Divine Love Is Ever Waiting To Fill The Soul, And Will, When The Soul Longings Become Real For Its Possession. One Moment Of True Soul-Felt Longings Is More Effective Than Hours Of Prayer V2/185
St. John 17:  The Condition Of The Soul When And After The Divine Love Flows Into It  V2/205
St. John 18:  What Is The Destiny Of The Mortal Who Has Not Experienced The New Birth, But Will Progress To That Condition Which May Be Called The Perfect Man. V2/384  Continued From Preceding Message. V2/387
St. John 19:  Why The Churches Refuse To Investigate That Spirits Can And Do Communicate With Mortals. V1/248
St. John 20:  Denies The Vicarious Atonement - Spirit Communion Was More Prevalent In The Days Of St. John Than Now - If Men Would Have Faith Like The Apostles Of Jesus, Healing And So-called Miracles Would Exist Today V2/182
St. John 21:  The Inexperience Of A Preacher To Fully Describe The Subject Of Spiritualism Is Due To Insufficient Knowledge Of The Continuity of Life V3/282
St. John 22:  Efficacy Of Faith In God. V2/131
St. John 23: Mr. Padgett Is Very Near The Kingdom - Jesus Is With Him In The Fullness of His Love and Blessings V3/276
St. John 24:  Jesus, Our Leader, Is Making A Great Effort To Establish A Kingdom Of God In The Celestial Heavens. V3/214
St John 25: Comments On Seance Padgett And Stone Attended - The Kingdom Will Be Completed And The Door Of The Heavenly Kingdom Closed  V4-13 - V1-154
St. John 26: Importance Of Prayer So That The Soul Can Be Developed And Works Will Follow  V2/114
St. John 27:  How And When God Answers Prayer - Laws Of Rapport And Communication V2/216 - Laws Of Rapport Continued  - Laws of Rapport And Communication Continued
St. John 28:  How Prayers Are Answered For Material Things - The Miracle Of The Loaves And Fishes Never Happened. V2/314
St. John 29:  What Should A Man Do Who Is Not Satisfied With Any Of The Churches V2/128
St. John 30:  Important That Man Must Search And Find The Truth V2/269
St. John 31: Why Men Should Learn That They Are Not To Be Left To Themselves In Their Conception Of What Life Means, And What Its Importance Is In The Economy Of Man's Creation And Destiny V2-228
St. John 32:  Truth, Knowledge And Love - How To Solve The Problem Of What Is True And What Is Not  V2/337
St. John 33:  The True Meaning Of  "In The Beginning Was The Word And The Word Was With God, etc."V1/346
St. John 34:  No One Will Suffer In Hell For Eternity - All Will Progress V2/383
St. John 35Confirming The Experience That Came To The Wandering Jew
St. John 36:  The Spirits Who Have Little Development Of Soul Can Help Those Who Have Less Development Than Themselves V1/321
St. John 37:  It Was Not Ordained By God That Judas Should Betray Jesus - Judas Was Not A Bad Man V2/245 
St. John 38 Men Or Prophets Cannot Tell What Will Happen Centuries Ahead - It Can Only Be Known By The Father V2/328
St. John 39:  Comments On The Mediums Ability To Prophecy And Says That No Spirit Has The Gift Of Prophecy, As Mortals Term It, Arising From A Supernatural Or Omniscient Power - As Well As Encouragement For Mr. Padgett V3/326
St. John 40The Soulmate Separations In The Event That Both Do Not Obtain The Divine Love Of The Father V3/192
St. John 41Portraits Of Jesus - A Description Of Jesus - Only The Father Can Fill The Soul With The Divine Love V2/297
St. John 42Padgett Is Very Near The Father In His Love And Not To Doubt That The Master Is Not With You - Comments On The Holiness Church Padgett Attended V3/215
St. John 43There Is No One In All The World At This Time Who Is Fitted To Do The Work Which You Are Now Doing And Which You Must Continue To Do While On Earth V3/328
St. John 44:  The Great Importance Of Jesus' Message In Selecting His Friend Dr. Stone To Also Perform A Great Work In Behalf Of The Kingdom  V4/10
St. John 45: John Explains The Writing Received By Mr. Morgan And The Relative Importance Of Morgan's And Stone's Work, And That Their Work Will Become More Important After Padgett Finishes His Work In Behalf Of The Kingdom  V3/256
St. John 46:  Eugene Morgan's Difficulty With Dark Spirits - He Has Had His Resurrection From Death To Life And He Cannot Die Again V4/146
St. John 47:  John Reassures Mr. Padgett That All His Material Requirements And Plans Will Be Realized. V3/190
St. John 48:  Spiritualist Preacher Has Very Little Knowledge Of The Truth As Has Been Revealed Through Padgett And Does Not Advise Attending These Services V3/301
St. John 49:  Advises Mr. Padgett To Give Up Reading Unrelated Material And Apply Himself To The Writings Given Him By Jesus And Other Celestials V3/279
St. John 50:  Allowing The Lower Spirits To Take Control Of Him Has Depressed Him To The Extent That He Lost Faith In The Celestial Spirits V3/298
St. John 51: The Most Effective Way Of Reestablishing The Rapport Is By Praying More Sincerely And Frequently To The Father For The Inflowing Of His Love  V3/309
St. John 52The True Meaning Of 'The End Of The World'  V1/43

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