5. St. James

Jesus' Love For Humanity Is So Great That Even The Highest Spirits Cannot Comprehend It

.    I am here, St. James;
    Let me add my testimony to what the others have written.
    I am also a follower of the Master and was with him in his travels through Palestine, and was with him when he was crucified on the cross and saw the great manifestations of God and the doom of evil and the principalities of the air, as St. Paul described them.
    I was a true follower of the Master on earth, and am a true one in the spirit world. He is now the prince of peace in its truest sense. His love for humanity is so great that we, even though we are his true lovers and very close to him, cannot comprehend it.
So you must believe in him and in the fact that he has chosen you to do his great work. Believe and work and you will see the salvation of the Father manifest itself as never before.
    You have working with you all the powers of the kingdom of Jesus, and nothing will be able to withstand such powers. And love, the divine love of the Father, will enter into many a soul and make it an inhabitant of the kingdom through this great work.
    I will not write more tonight, but as Peter said, he will be with you often in love and blessings, and will write you the truths of the heavenly kingdom.
    So, with all my love and blessings I am your own true brother and friend- 
    St. James, an apostle of Jesus