20. Shem

Father Of One Of The Tribes Of Isreal Is Now A Christian

.   I am here, Shem;
    I am the father of one of the tribes of Israel, and I come to tell you that I am now a Christian and a follower of Jesus, the savior of men.
    You may think it strange that I should write to you, but I am interested in the work which the Master is doing for mankind, and which you are to do in taking his messages and transmitting them to humanity.
    I was a Jew of the earlier dispensation, and I lived before the destruction of Jerusalem, and even before the great dispersion and captivity of my people. I died when the race was very young and had not formed its concrete ideas of God that afterwards became such a power in the economy of its government.
I am now an inhabitant of the celestial heavens and am working with the other celestial spirits to carry forward the great plans of God and of His son for the salvation of mankind. and how necessary it is for people to become partakers of the divine love and divinity of the Father. So you must see that only after that great gift was rebestowed on humanity were any of us who lived at the time, long anterior to the birth of Jesus, able to partake of those qualities which gave us immortality.
    I will stop and say goodnight.