41. Saleeba (Egyptian Princess)

Jesus Showed Great Effulgence Of Light

.    I am here, Saleeba, Egyptian princess;
    I want to tell you that I was a witness to the wonderful display by Jesus of his great power and glory. And what a wonderful demonstration it was!
    I never, in all my long experience in the spiritual spheres, saw anything that approached it. And no spirit in the highest intellectual sphere could for a moment show the great effulgence of light that Jesus did. So you see, I now know positively that the Master is the son of God and has the divine love to a degree that, I am informed, no spirit who was then present, except probably some of the apostles, had any conception of.
    I am now convinced to the depths of my soul that the divine love of the Father is a real, existing thing, and that it makes beautiful and God-like those who possess it. Now I shall strive to get it, and the happiness which I now know must be the experience of those who have this divine love.
    I merely wanted to tell you this because I am one who a short time ago had never heard of this great love. So thanking you for your kindness, I am- 
    Your sister in Christ, Saleeba