Message 46

Comments Concerning The Pope
And The Future Of The Catholic Church

    I am here, Jesus; 
    (Question by Mr. Padgett concerning the pope.)
    Well, I have no vicar on earth. In the first place, I am not God but a mere spirit - a child of God - and one that worships Him with all the devotion of my soul, praying for an increased bestowal of His love and for a complete unity with Him, and with the longings to progress eternally in the development of my soul.
    In the second place, the pope is a mere man, and he can only represent God to the extent that he has in his own soul the divine love and the consequent soul development. The mere fact that he is the head of the Catholic church gives him no greater privilege, or no greater commission, to represent God on earth than is possessed by any other man with the same amount of soul development.
    His claimed infallibility is a delusion and a snare, and he is just as much subject to sin and sinning, even as pope of that church, as is any other mortal, and this claim, which is an attribute belonging only to God, will be one of the sins for which he will suffer very much when he comes to the spirit world and has his soul opened up to the truth.
    The worship of me as God is a blasphemy, and a thing that is so blasphemous that I care not to remain in the earth plane and hear the prayers of these misguided Christians. I know that this will sound surprising and un-Christian to many, and they will continue to believe in their faith in me as God and also to worship me, but it is a very harmful untruth, and these people will have to realize it sooner or later in the spirit world. This is one of the errors that my messages are designed to eradicate. 
    I know that certain churches - I mean the clergy and high officials - will fight my truths and the teaching of them to men, but they will not succeed. I will prevail and mankind will be redeemed. All will bow down in earnest prayer and thanksgiving to their God and His love will enter into their hearts and they will be at peace. Brothers will be brothers indeed, and the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of men will be established and all men will serve their God.
    The Catholic church will eventually, as an organization of political power and as a monster of error and a teacher of doctrines contrary to God's truths, be utterly destroyed, and its followers will embrace the true teachings of my gospel. Many will not embrace these new teachings though, until the last vestige of power of this great vampire has utterly disappeared. The priests will be shaken from their seats of power and will become men of no influence among the people, for my truths will destroy all the errors which they have preached and through fear caused their deluded followers to embrace and believe.
    Well my dear brother, have faith. 
    Your brother and friend, Jesus