9. St. Anthony

The Great Favor The Master Has Bestowed Upon Padgett

.   I am here, St. Anthony;
    I am your brother and friend in Christ, and in the love of the Father.
    I am a man who was a follower of the Master when on earth, and am a follower of him in the spirit world--I mean of the heavenly kingdom--and am a lover of God and a part of His divinity.
    I was not one of his twelve apostles, but I loved him and believed in him and died in his cause and am now receiving my reward, for I am now, as I say, an inhabitant of his heavenly kingdom and immortality is mine -- as it will be yours if you continue to believe in him and get the divine love of the Father in increased abundance.
    So let me tell you that not every man has bestowed upon him the great favor which the Master has bestowed upon you. No other mortal at this time has that great blessing of love and selection that he has given and made of you.
    The others have told you of this wonderful love and power and blessings that have been, and will be, bestowed upon you. So I will stop now and say that I am- 
    Your brother and friend, St. Anthony