The New Gospel - Volume 2

Messages from Jesus
Message 1The Truth Concerning Jesus.   I am now going to give to the world the truths as I taught them when on earth, and many that I never disclosed to my disciples or inspired others to write since.   This will be my New Gospel to all People.
Message 2The Birth And Life Of Jesus Up To The Time Of His Public Ministry
Message 3Condition Of The World When Jesus Came To Teach
Message 4The Truth Concerning The Bible
Message 5Why The Great And Important Truth Of My Mission Was Not Preserved And Contained In The Bible
Message 6There Are No Devils And No Satan Considered As Real Persons And Fallen Angels
Message 7Eternal Damnation Is A Damnable Doctrine
Message 8The Great Day Of Judgement
Message 9The Way In Which Christ May Be In You
Message 10The Inflowing Or Baptism Of The Holy Spirit
Message 11Who And What Is God
Message 12The Human Soul
Message 13The Relationship Of Man To The Creation Of The World And The Origin Of Life
Message 14The Way To Immortality And Light
Message 15 I Want To Tell You What I Mean By Immortality - The Truth Concerning The Fall Of Adam And Eve
Message 16The Only Way By Which Men Can Reach The Kingdom Of God Or The Way To The Perfect Man
Message 17The Only Way To The Celestial Kingdom Of God In The Celestial Heavens
Message 18:  God Is A God Of Love And No Man Can Come To Him Unless He Receives The Love Of The Father In His Soul
Message 19How A Soul Must Receive The Divine Love Of The Father, And The Truth Concerning The Brotherhood Of Man And The Fatherhood Of God
Message 20Why Men Must Receive The Divine Love In Order To Be Admitted To The Celestial Kingdom
Message 21Why Divine Love Is Necessary To Become An Inhabitant Of The Celestial Kingdom
Message 22The Power Of Divine Love To Redeem
Message 23:  How The Soul Of A Mortal Receives The Divine Love And What Its Effect Is Even Though Subsequently His Mind May Indulge In Those Beliefs That May Tend To Prevent The Growth Of The Soul What Is A Lost Soul?
Message 24All Men Are The Children Of God
Message 25The Real Truth Of Life On Earth And What It Means To Mortals
Message 26The Truth Concerning Mathew 10: 34 "I came not to bring peace to the world, but rather a sword."
Message 27The Truth Concerning Sin And Error And War
Message 28The Correct Way In Which A Person Should Live The Life On Earth
Message 29The Truth Concerning The Love(s) Of Man
Message 30The Truth Concerning The Individuality Of The Soul
Message 31The Truth Concerning The Incarnation Of The Soul
Message 32On The Passing Of A Loved One (Padgett lost his young daughter)
Message 33The Nature And Operations And Workings Of The Material And Spiritual Things
Message 34The Truth Concerning The Body, Spirit And Soul
Message 35How The Divine Love Enters Into The Soul Of A Human Being
Message 36Jesus Comments On Prayer And Why He Chose James Padgett For This Work
Message 37:  Jesus' Relationship With Mr. Padgett And How The Higher Spirits Help The Dark Spirits
Message 38:  Jesus Comments On A Spirit Who Believes He Has Lost His Soul
Helping Others Find The Divine Love Is The Greatest Work That God Has Given Any Of His Creatures To Do
Message 39The Mission Of Jesus In The Spirit World
Message 40Comments Concerning A Spiritualist Church
Message 41Comments Concerning A Spiritualist Medium
Message 42The Truth Concerning Evil Spirits Controlling Mediums, And The Truth Concerning Reincarnation
Message 43Temptation and Spirit Influence
Message 44Comments Concerning Christian Science, And The Truth Concerning Disease
Message 45Comments Concerning A Holiness Church
Message 46Comments Concerning The Pope, And The Future Of The Catholic Church
Message 47A New Church Will Arise
Message 48The Truth Concerning John 14: 12; 13 "Verily, verily, I say unto you, he that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father."
Message 49The Truth Concerning Faith and Miracles
Message 50The Importance Of The Work Set Before You
Message 51The Religion Of The Future
Message 52The Truth Concerning The End Of The World

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