Message 40

Jesus Comments On A Spiritualist Church Padgett Attended

    I am here, Jesus; 
    I was with you tonight and saw that you were not very much impressed with the thoughts expressed by the speaker because he did not dwell very much on the qualities of the soul or the manner in which are perceived the great truths of the Father. He spoke of the love of man to man, and of the duties that men owed to one another, and of the wonderful possibilities of the intellect in guiding men along lines of living that will bring them happiness and harmony in their earth life. But he did not show them that the mere intellect is not sufficient to bring them in that condition of soul development which is necessary for their highest happiness in the life to come.
    When he spoke of the immortality of the soul, he did not intend to express more than  that the spirits of men continue to live after the body dies. He, in fact, does not know what immortality means as we have taught you, and he will someday be surprised when he learns that mere continuity of life is not immortality or that continuance of existence which, when once possessed, cannot be taken away from the spirit.
    Yet, notwithstanding all this want of knowledge on his part, he is an earnest spiritualist and is doing much good to mortals, for he is showing them the fact that the spirit of man is a mere extension of form of what man now possesses, and that there is no such thing as the death of the spirit when the body dies or that the spirit lies with the body in a state of obscurity or nothingness, or rather, of oblivion, until what the orthodox call 'the great judgment day.'
    I am interested in the efforts that these people are now making to build a temple in which to worship and gather in their cause. This temple was never built due to lack of funds, and I favor the building of the same because, while they do not preach or know the great necessary truths, yet they preach those things which free men from the beliefs that hold them in thraldom and error, and set them free to receive the greater truths that when the time shall come they shall be known to humanity.
    So that I would advise you to help their project to the extent that you feel yourself able.
    Many people will find that the things which they may hear at these meetings will cause them to arouse from their slumbers and ignorance and cause them to investigate for themselves the truths of spiritualism. And when once they start and become convinced of one truth, they will continue to seek and in the end, if they are sincere seekers, find the truths, because when their minds shall be convinced of the truths of spirit existence and spirit control, they will then realize that over and beyond this there is something that their souls long for and is never satisfied; and the result will be that they will be in condition to readily believe what may be told them which leads to that which will satisfy their souls in their longings.
    This is the great good that the spiritualists are doing in their efforts to extend their spiritualistic doctrines. And when they are earnest, true believers and teachers in what they know of these things, they will bring about that which will cause the increase in the number of mortals who will accept the higher truths of the divine love and the immortality of the soul and the way to obtain it.
    So you see that while you may not be much benefited in your soul's aspirations in attending these meetings or affiliating with these people, yet I would advise that you do everything in your power to help the movement to establish firmly that church in this city, for it will be a great influence in attracting people in all parts of the country to the truths of spiritualism.
    Let not the thought that this church may not teach the real truths of the soul development, or those things which will bring men in attunement with the Father, cause you to in any way discredit the movement that they may endeavor to start in the way of a revival, as one of their preachers said.
    A little of the truth is better than none at all, especially when it leads to free men from a bondage that has caused them to blindly follow the teachings of those who are in darkness and error.
    I will not write more tonight, but will say this, that you and your friend* must believe what has been told you, and continue to pray to the Father and seek more of the divine love. When the time comes, I will inform him of the work which he shall do, and it will be an important one and one which will bring him in close contact with me and the higher forces of the celestial spheres.
    He is now in a condition to receive this soul development, and he must let his mind and soul expand to their fullest extent so that when it comes, I mean the divine love, with the great and wonderful power which will accompany it, he will be in a condition to receive it.
    I am your friend and brother, and his also, and you must both believe that I am writing this to you, for I am that Jesus that all the spirits have told you about, and if it were profitable I would come to you as I came a few nights ago and show my glory and power. But this is not necessary, for you will believe without this, and so much the stronger will be your belief.
    I must stop now. So with my love and blessings for you both, and my peace which the world cannot give you, I will say good night. 
    Your brother and friend, Jesus
    *Dr. Leslie R. Stone