8. St. Thomas

Never Was A Man So Favored By
The Greatest Man And Most Wonderful Spirit

.   I am here, St. Thomas;
    Let your mind be open to the conviction that I and the others of the disciples of Jesus have and can write to you in testimony of your selection to do the great work that you have been called to do. Never was a mortal so favored by the greatest man and most wonderful spirit that ever lived. I, an apostle, do not see how you could have been selected, for you are not so great a lover of God as we might expect the mortal to be who should be called to this work. But the Master has chosen you and he knows best, and we have no right to pass judgment on his choice. But, no matter whether you are worthy or not, you have been chosen and you must do the work.ning you all the power and wisdom of the spirit world that is ruled over by Jesus, and that will be sufficient to insure not only success in your work, but also your own soul's development and salvation.
    I wish that I might tell you what a privileged man you are, but I cannot tonight as I must stop now and let another write. 
    I am your brother and friend, St. Thomas