22. John Wesley

You Will Do The Work And Not Fail If You Will Only Have Faith

.    I am here, John Wesley;
    I am here, a man who lived in the faith of the Christ, and who was a true follower of him and a lover of the Father.
    I hesitate to write at the same time with these great spirits who have written you, but yet I want to give my testimony also to the fact that I have heard the Master say that he has chosen you for the work of delivering his truths to the world.
    My dear brother, believe this great fact with all your mind and soul, for it is the truth and one which prefers you before any other mortal.
    Jesus, the greatest of all spirits, and the one nearest the fountainhead of the Father's love, has declared to us who are close to him and working to accomplish his great desire for man's salvation, that you he has selected; and that you will do the work and not fail if you will only have faith. So make your start in trying to get this faith and pray to the Father for more of it and it will be given to you in great abundance. Only the Father can give the faith that will remove mountains and overcome all obstacles.
    I must not write more and say goodnight. 
    John Wesley, the Methodist preacher