St. John 15


    I am here, St. John - Apostle of Jesus;
    I come tonight to tell you that your condition of soul is very much better than it has been for sometime, and you are more in unison with the Father's love than you have been for sometime, and you realize that this love is working in your soul and making you happy.
    I have been with you a great deal today as you copied the messages and saw that you enjoyed the truths that they contained. The message describing "the progress of the soul," is one that contains the truth of how the soul can find the true way to the love of the Father and to progress to the celestial spheres. It is a very clear and convincing portrayal of the necessary course that every soul must pursue which comes into the spirit world devoid of the divine love. There is no other way in which that soul can find its true development, and the message is one that will appeal to the honest seeker after salvation and the happiness which only such an at-onement with the Father can give.
    I also see that you have been thinking a great deal about your future on earth in carrying forward the work that you have been selected to do, and I am glad that this work is becoming to you a matter of such importance and seriousness; for important it is, not only to the world but to you, and this you must realize when you consider what was told you a few nights ago — that there is no one else in all the world at this time who is fitted to do the work which you are now doing, and which you must continue to do during the whole time of your stay on earth.
    As you progress in this work and as these truths come to you and your soul becomes more filled with this love, you will to a greater degree realize and understand the wonderful importance of the work; and you should now bend all your energies to developing your soul and its perceptions, and to carrying forward the work.
    To us the accomplishing of this work is infinitely of more importance than to you, because we realize as you cannot, what a failure to have these truths made known to men would mean to them in the way of depriving them of opportunities that are so requisite to their future salvation, both on earth and in the spirit world.
    So I say, let not yourself become discouraged, but believe and you will find that our promises will be fulfilled, and the work will go on, and the truths be made known to humanity.
    I am with you a great deal, trying to develop your spiritual nature, and by this I mean your soul, for as this develops the better able you will be to receive our truths so they will be transmitted to the waiting world, that men may readily see and understand the truths of God and the only way to His Kingdom of love and immortality. Doubts as to the teachings of the churches are now penetrating and permeating the minds of many - very many of these are only nominal Christians - and their perceptions of God is almost blunted, and they attend worship only because of a kind of feeling of duty and impression that it is right for them to do so. They know nothing of the divine love of the Father's nature and of the plan for their salvation.
    Their prayers and worship are mostly only those which come from the lips or a kind of blind intellectual belief. Their soul longings do not enter into their prayers and as a consequence, their petitions for God's love and mercy go no higher than their heads, as has been said.
    This condition of men is very injurious to their future welfare and cannot possibly lead them to the Father, and so long as it exists men can never become in an at-onement with Him. Only the inflowing of this love can reconcile men with God in the higher and more desirable sense. Of course they may become in harmony with Him by a purification of their natural love, but that is the harmony only that existed between Him and the first parents before their fall, and is not the harmony which Jesus taught and which was the object of his mission to teach. When he said, "I and my Father are one," he did not refer to the at-onement between the mere image and the substance, but to the at-onement which gives to the souls of men the very substance of the Father.
    I should like to write more tonight, but you are tired and should not be further drawn on.
    So I will say goodnight and stop.
    Your brother in Christ, John