St. John 23


      I am here, John;
    You are now so filled with the love of the Father and the influence of the Master that you are very near the kingdom. The Master is with you in all the fullness of his love and blessings, and no wonder that you should receive him in so palpable and conscious a manner. He certainly loves you, and if you could only see his glory as he writes to you, and the great streams of love that flows from him to you, you would never again doubt that he is with you and that you are the object of his care. It is wonderful, and we are all amazed at the great display of his love for you and we rejoice that it is so, for we know that to him you are the most important of mortals.
    You will soon commence again to do his work and your soul will be so filled with the divine love that you will receive his messages in such soul understanding that there will be no possibility of any mistake being made. And such messages of truth as they will be, why the whole world will stand in wonder and amazement that such truths should come to you, and, as a consequence, many a mortal will be brought to see the great plan of man's redemption and will turn to the love of the Father and receive that great inflowing of love that will show them beyond all doubt that they have become at one with the Father and are inheritors of his immortality.
    So, as I say, we all rejoice, and are anxious that the work begin; and we are all preparing to help in conveying these great truths of the Father. So you must believe and accept what is written to you as true Let not what may be contained in the Bible, or what the preachers or commentators may say influence you in anyway to believe or write anything other than what the Master may write you.
    The book (The Atonement by Pastor Russell) that you have been reading tonight contains many truths in regards to Jesus' relationship to the Father, and that there is only one God, and that the Father -- no other God is there -- and Jesus is his best beloved son.
    The plan of salvation as contained in that book is not correct, for, as we have told you before, the blood of Jesus has nothing to do with the plan of salvation, only the bestowal of the gift of divine love and the teachings of the Master as to how it may be obtained saves man from sin and error and brings about that at-onement which the author writes about.
    My dear brother, if you only knew how much we all love you and are interested in your welfare and the work which is before you, you would be very thankful to the Father for having had the Master select you, and would also never cease to love and honor the great Master for his love and friendship.
    I, John, tell you all this because I know whereof I speak. I was the beloved disciple of the Master when on earth and I know what it means to have the great love of such a Master and friend.
    I see that you are opening up your soul to the divine influences and that very soon you will find that through your soul perceptions you will be enabled to see and understand many, many things which are now hidden from you. And what an opening of the soul perceptions that will prove to be! Even the spirits who are in portions of the celestial heavens will not have the great truths presented to them as will you, and they are seeking these truths in great earnestness. But you are in a position that they are not, to make known to the world these great truths. An while all this will not be done primarily for your benefits, yet you will receive such knowledge of these truths and such inflowing of the divine love as you write, that you will find yourself in a condition of soul development that rarely have mortals experienced.
    So pray and believe, and when I say believe, try to get that great faith of which the Master wrote you--the faith that makes all the longings and aspirations of the soul realities.
    I could write much more but think it best not to do so tonight.
    So with all my love and blessings, I am
    Your brother in Christ, John -- the beloved disciple of the Master in my time, and which you are now.