Message 41

Comments Concerning A Spiritualist Medium

    I am here, Jesus;
    Let me write a few lines, for I am anxious to tell you that you have not been in good company today, as the meeting was filled with spirits who are of the earth plane and know not the truths that will lead to a knowledge of the things that are necessary in order to secure a home in the celestial heavens. Many spirits were those of men who when on earth lived immoral and licentious lives, and who are in the same condition as they were when on earth. They have not yet answered to the law of compensation, and of course, you will see that their influence is not of the kind that tends to develop those soul qualities that lead to the heaven of the followers of me in the true sense.
    The medium with whom you conversed, and who delivered the messages of some of the spirits who were so anxious to reach their friends of earth, was influenced by spirits who are in a condition of more or less darkness and alienation from God, and consequently suffers from her association and the influence to which she was subjected. She has long been in this work of demonstrating to mankind the fact of communication between the spirits in the flesh and those who have passed the mysterious border line, and her work has been strenuous and served to demonstrate the fact for which it was intended, and she is satisfied with the reality of the fact of the continuity of life after so-called death.
    This has been a phase of mediumship that was necessary to be performed, and she has done her work faithfully and well, and is now entitled to be relieved of this work that pertains to the lower order of spiritualism and should be freed of this great burden and be permitted to come into a knowledge of the higher things of spirit life. I am glad that you will soon have the opportunity to tell her things that await her as a reward for all the sacrifices that she has been compelled to make.
    Now do not misunderstand me, her work was necessary as a preliminary to the conversion of men to a belief in the truth of spirit communication and the fact that there is no death, and to the consolation that comes to men from the knowledge that their loved ones are with them, seeking to help and be helped in their conditions that the great law of cause and effect imposes upon them. Many a sad heart has been comforted by her ministrations, and many a spirit has been helped by having opened up to them the way to make known their presence to mortals.
    But she has from the very nature of her occupation been more or less injured in her spiritual progress, and the time has come when she shall have the opportunity to attend to and obtain her own soul's progress. She is naturally a good woman, and when she told you that she had a longing for something for which she did not understand, she was uttering a great truth of her soul and one that has been present with her since she was a little child, for her soul has been calling to the great soul of the Father for His love and the happiness that comes with the knowledge that the Father's love is ever ready and anxious to respond to her longings. Her knowledge of spiritualism does not teach her what this love is, even though her soul feels its presence and, in her underdeveloped longings, realizes that there must exist that which will draw her closer to the great love of the Father.
    So I say, tell her the truths that have been revealed to you and of your experience in seeking for and obtaining the transforming love, and she will listen and seek and obtain, and with such obtaining will come a happiness she has never before experienced. And when she has believed in this love and obtained it to a degree, she will become a powerful instrument in converting men to a belief in the only way to the celestial heavens and to immortality. Then will she have back of her the influence of the hosts of celestial angels to inspire her and qualify her to preach the true kingdom of God, and her faculties of clairvoyance will be opened up to see the things of the celestial heavens and the wonderfully bright and glorious spirits who will come to her with their messages of truth and knowledge of the glories that belong to those who know that the divine love of God is the only thing that can transform the human soul into an angel of light, and to the immortality that I came to earth to teach, and which I did teach, but which, alas, was so soon lost to the knowledge of men.
    I am particularly interested in her, not so much because of her own soul, but because she has in her those qualities that can be used by us in making known to the world the truths which we of the celestial spheres know will set them free from the false and damning teachings of the orthodox churches, and making my coming to earth and living - not dying - the way to the truth and life. She may think that her knowledge, I mean intellectual, is all that needs to be known, but when she lets her soul's longings go to the Father and receives the response, which she will certainly receive, she will then know that spiritualism, as she conceives it to be, is the mere forerunner of that which will make all men at-One with the Father when embraced by man and lived.
    The meeting such as was held today, while as I have said was filled with spirits who are in darkness and suffering, yet also attracted many spirits who are bright and progressing in their natural love, and who tried to help those to whom they came and communicated, and to that extent did good, and also served to convince the unbelievers of the truth of the mere passing from the body of flesh into the spirit body is but a continued existence without changing of condition of happiness or misery. The great law of compensation, as you sow so shall you reap, is taught at the meetings, and there is no truer or greater law in all the universe of God, and man must realize that it works without exception and to the last farthing, and that there can never be forgiveness until forgetfulness takes place.
    Well my dear brother, I must stop as the power is weakening. But before closing let me entrust you to tell the medium that I, Jesus of the Bible, as I called my disciples when on earth, now call her to do the work which is so important to mankind, and that she must prepare herself by seeking for this love. It is utterly impossible for a soul out of unison with the souls of the spirits who come to it to receive their communications and transmit the same to mankind. Her soul must respond to the souls of the spirits, and it will be so easy for her to get into the condition that will make this possible. Like attracts like, and this law applies to rapport and to other things of the spirit world, and of the earth as well. 
    Your brother and friend, Jesus