St. John 47


     I am here, John;
    I merely want to say that you must keep up your courage and belief that everything will be fulfilled as we have promised, for while there may appear to be a delay in realizing the things that you desire, yet they will surely come and you will get what you want and in the condition that you think is necessary to enable you to live the life that will make you able to do the work of the Master without the interference of your earthly affairs.
    You may be surprised that I should write in this way, but I am interested particularly in your accomplishing the great mission that has been bestowed upon you, and I want to tell you that I have been specially designated to attend you in the way of a helper and inspirer of those things that will work to the accomplishing of our plans to reveal to mankind the truths that will cause their salvation and redemption.
    I am not given to interfering in material affairs, but in your case I see that these things stand in the way of your carrying out our designs and hence they must be gotten rid of and I will try, as are many others trying, to relieve you of these differences.
    So with all this you must not suppose that you are not to do your part in accomplishing this end for you must work with us and bend all your efforts to bring about the desired end.
    Many here of the high spirits wish to communicate to you and they are waiting for you to get into a condition that will enable them to deliver their messages as they wish to do.
    Think more of the Father and His love and of the great privilege that you have in coming in close communion with these high spirits and receiving the benefit of their love and influence, for you are favored in this particular and as you are our greatest instrument by which we are to accomplish our design, you must not let anything stand in the way of helping us to fulfill our plans.
    You will find that you will receive more and more of this divine love and a greater soul development as you continue in this work, and ultimately you will become a very happy and spiritual man doing much good and will have displayed in you the wonderful powers of the workers of old who lived with the Master and performed many things that were called miracles.
    So I say, try to realize the importance of the work that you have to do and the powers that will be given you, for I must tell you now that never since the days of the apostles have such honors been given to a man.
    Well, I know just how you feel in respect to my prophecies, but what I say will become true and you will live to see all these things fulfilled.
    Not that it is not a part of your work at this time now, you are only to receive these messages and also the wonderful soul development that I speak of, for this latter is necessary to your receiving the promise that I speak of as these powers will be entirely things of a spiritual origin and unless you are in condition of soul to receive them they cannot come into your possession.
    After this shall have been accomplished then you will do work of a kind to demonstrate to the world the genuineness of your messages and for this purpose you will do things that many will be considered miraculous and from them such good will come to man, not only physically but spiritually. I came to tell you this because I see that the time is here when you must understand and fully appreciate the importance of your work as well as of the relationship that you sustain to God's spiritual instrumentalities in bringing about the great results that we desire and which men so much need.
    Well, I will not write more now but let me impress upon you the necessity of considering and meditating on what I have written.
    Jesus is the one great instrument in doing this work and upon you he depends for that part of the work which belongs to the material. He is with you very often and he loves you with a very deep and lasting love and is exerting his promise to help you and enable you to do his work.
    And many spirits, both in the celestial and in the spiritual heavens, are with you in love and care and are trying to help you both spiritually and individually. So remember this and when you become discouraged think of the fact that you have sustaining you the wonderful love and power of the spirit world and of spirits who are high up in the celestial spheres and have more of the divine love of the Father than have any other spirits in all God's universe.
    So with my love and blessing, I am-
    Your brother in Christ, John