25. George Washington

The Work Is The Most Important One

.   I am here, George Washington;
    Well, you are my brother and I am pleased that you call me your brother, for in this world of spirits we have no titles or distinctions because of any fame or position we may have had on earth.
    I came to tell you that I have watched with interest the many communications that you have received from the various kinds and orders of spirits, and am somewhat surprised that you could receive with such accuracy these several messages. I never in earth life supposed that such a thing could be, and since I became a spirit I have never seen such demonstrations of the powers that exist on the part of spirits to communicate, and mortals to receive, the messages that come to you. I know that very many times such communications have been made by spirits to mortals, but what I mean as surprising is the great variety of spirits who come to you.
    Very seldom do we who are in the celestial spheres have the opportunity to communicate with these ancient spirits who live high up in the celestial heavens, and when I see them come and communicate to you I wonder at it all.
    I know, of course, that such spirits do occasionally come into the earth plane and try to influence both mortals and spirits to do good, but I want to tell you that usually their influence is exerted through intermediary spirits and not directly by these higher spirits in person as they do through you.
    The messages that you have received from these spirits who lived on earth thousands of years ago were really written by them as they controlled your brain and hand.
    So let me assure you of the truth of what you have had written to you by your band and others of God's redeemed spirits.
    I thank you for this opportunity and will come again sometime. 
    Your own true brother in Christ, George Washington