Message 42

The Truth Concerning Dark Spirits Controlling Some Mediums
and Reincarnation

    I am here, Jesus; 
    (Mr. Padgett asked the question: "Do evil or dark spirits control some mediums?")
    Well, there are cases where such results follow, and it is not astonishing that it is so, for these mediums who surrender their own faculties and wills and moral powers will find such spirits take control of them. And these spirits do not hesitate to use these mediums for any and all purposes that they may desire, and these desires are mostly injurious and detrimental to the mediums, both morally and spiritually.
    In such cases of spirit control, the mediums absolutely submit their mental and will powers to the domination of these spirits, and when such spirits get control, they are never satisfied and care not for the conditions of the mediums, and such being the case, the mediums suffer.
    But the mediumship which you have is not of such a character as to permit any spirit who may write through you to obtain that control of your mental faculties as will enable them to exercise their wills and powers in a way that will prevent you from exercising yours as you desire. They do not become your masters, but are subordinate to your will and cannot use you for the purposes mentioned, unless you so incline. The exercise of your phase of mediumship will not do you harm and you need not fear the results. In fact, it is necessary that your mental faculties should become vivified and enlarged in order for you to do the work; and the greater development you have, the more you will be enabled to do our work in a more satisfactory manner. 
    I know the substance of the book that you have been reading and the falsity of these speculations that assert the doctrine of reincarnation. There is no such thing as the second embodiment of the soul into the human form, and no return to earth for the purpose of improvement of the soul's condition. 
    With all my love and blessings, I am- 
    Your brother and friend, Jesus