38. A.G. Riddle

Could Not Look Upon Jesus' Countenance

.    I am here, A.G. Riddle; 
    I will write only a few lines tonight, as I am in such a condition of wonderment over what took place when Jesus was writing to you that I do not feel able to gather my thoughts for extended writing. I want to say that what happened was to me the greatest revelation as to the character, or rather, the attributes of Jesus that I have ever seen since I have been in the spirit world.
    When he wrote you in his emphatic and authoritative manner he became transformed into such a being of light and glory and power that none of us could look upon his countenance, and we had to fall upon our faces to hide the brightness of his presence. I tell you it was a wonderful evidence of his greatness and power. Never before had I seen him clothed in such brightness and power. He was always the most beautiful and bright and magnificent of all the spirits, but never was there displayed in him before those appearances which made us think that he must be a very God. I now know as never before that he is the true son of God, and that he is worthy to follow and believe in.  What a wonderful spirit he is. All love and power and greatness, and yet, all humility. Such a combination of attributes I had no conception could ever exist in the same spirit.
    Well, my boy, I cannot say much more now except that you surprise me more and more because of the great favor and blessings you have had conferred upon you. We are all amazed over it, but of course, happy over the fact.
    You must try your best to do this work and fulfill the mission for which you have been chosen.
    What a wonderful Jesus. I cannot help thinking of him and the greatness of his being. I am glad that I saw him as he appeared when he wrote, because now I have some conception of what the glory and the grandeur of the high celestial heavens and there inhabitants must be.
    I will not write more tonight for I cannot think of anything just now but the glory of the Master. 
    I am your old partner, A.G. Riddle (former law partner)