30. Jesus

Jesus Caused The Spirits To Come To Establish Padgett's Faith In His Being The True Jesus Of The Bible

.    I am here, Jesus;
    I am here to tell you that you have had a cloud of witnesses as to your being selected to do my work, and you have wondered why so many of my disciples and apostles, and those called saints, should come to you in such close succession and all testify as to that one fact. Well, I caused them to come as I wished to establish your faith as to my being the true Jesus of the Bible, and as to your mission in regard to my work.
    So now let all doubt leave you and let your faith grow until you will never hesitate to believe no matter what surprising communication may come to you.
    Yes, they were the persons they represented themselves to be. We will not permit any imposters to write. Yes, that is true, they were actually the old prophets, and they were much interested in your ability to write. They will come again.
    Good night. 
    Your loving brother and friend, Jesus