28. Ann Rollins

Certainly You Cannot Doubt

.   (Ann Rollins)
    I am your grandmother and I feel that I must write to you before you stop, for I am so amazed at the great assurances that you have received as to your being called to the great work of the Master that I cannot let you retire without telling you what a blessed man you are.
    I, of course, knew that the Master had chosen you, and the writings that you have received do not add one bit to my knowledge, but the thing that surprises me is that all these exalted spirits should come one after another and declare to you the fact that you have been chosen.
    Certainly you cannot doubt in view of what so many have come to give you this assurance, unless it be that they wanted you to start into this great work with faith that admits no doubt, and to ensure that faith, they saw it to be necessary that this great and cumulative testimony should be given you.
    My dear son, I feel that you have been blessed above other men now living, and that the great favor which has been bestowed on you is one that very few mortals have received.
    So I tell you that we all thank God and praise His goodness for what He has done for you.
    You must not think that He had nothing to do with this selection, for He is the great Father, and Jesus, the great son, consulted Him as has been told me.
    Jesus is himself all powerful and wise and good, but also humble and loving, and is very close to the Father and seeks His advise and guidance as when on earth.
    So you see that our Master, while supreme in this kingdom where the redeemed live, yet realizes that he needs the help of his Father. This is true and will be true for all eternity.
    Well, you are right, but you must not think of your own unworthiness. So believe.
    I think that it will be the most wonderful band of spirits that has ever existed, except that band which watched over and protected Jesus from his birth to his death.
    So my dear son, I must stop now and will say that I am your own true loving grandmother. 
    Ann Rollins