39. White Eagle

Could Not Withstand The Glory

.   White Eagle here;
    I feel that I must say something. I was present and was astonished that I could not withstand the glory. It was wonderful, and I am more convinced than ever that he is the true son of the Father.
    There were a host of spirits present, and many of them not Christians, and the effect on them was surprising.
    Jesus is here and wants to be remembered to you. He is with you nearly all the time, watching over and protecting you. He seems to love you so very much, and since the night of the great transformation he is proud that you are his charge.
    So you see, we are both glad that we have you for our special care. I am with you nearly all the time too, and love you very much. So think of me sometimes, and love me. 
    Your own true guide, White Eagle